Really TMZ, Body Bashing?


TMZ recently posted a video discussing a picture of model Olga Kent. As if body image isn’t already overly discussed in media, the topic was: is her butt too flat? I am not shocked that TMZ would be the source of this discussion, but I AM shocked that this is even a topic to begin with. Since when is it an issue to be thin?! First it was a problem that women were too voluptuous and they needed to have “model” figures. Now the models are being chastised for being too thin. What happens when our the media’s portrayal of the perfect image has a blemish? What are we women going to be told we need to look like now? I am not someone that believes that stick figures are the ideal form, but I also don’t condone obesity in any form. Being HEALTHY should be enough. If you are a healthy woman then that is really all that matters. This constant scrutiny and objectifying of woman (from both men and women) has got to stop. This is why people suffer from horrible eating disorders, because even what the world calls “perfect” doesn’t stay perfect for long. Women and even some men are anxious about looking ‘just right’. I fear for every woman and little girl that hasn’t learned to love her body, because at the world will tell you to change what you should think is right over and over. It’s up to is to take our views of ourselves and put that on a pedestal as opposed to someone else’s.